Nature Notes

The Montour Area Recreation Commission (MARC) and the Montour Preserve are excited to announce a new weekly series of ‘Nature Notes’ by MARC’s Assistant Director and longtime Montour Preserve Naturalist, Jon Beam.  Jon (and occasionally friends) will feature natural items of note that individuals and families might find at the Montour Preserve or other natural areas in and around Montour County.

For those of us dealing with the isolation and anxiety of COVID-19 and the resultant social distancing, Jon’s programs and natural history knowledge are a reassuring reminder that the wonders of nature are still out there, waiting to be discovered.  Until we can meet again in person for Jon’s programs at the Montour Preserve, we hope you enjoy listening to Jon’s ‘Nature Notes’.

Note: Nature Notes are provided in .mp3 audio format.

Nature Notes Episode 10 Violets May 22, 2020


Nature Notes Episode 9 Flowering Dogwood May 15, 2020


Nature Notes Episode 8 – Mayapple May 7, 2020


Nature Notes Episode 7 – American Toad May 4, 2020


Nature Notes Episode 6 – Bluebirds April 23, 2020


Pin Cherry

Nature Notes Episode 5 – Pin Cherry
April 17, 2020



Nature Notes Episode 4 – hepatica
April 8, 2020


Spring Peeper

Nature Notes Episode 3 – Spring Peepers April 2, 2020


Red Maple Blush

Nature Notes Episode 2 – Red Maple Blush March 29, 2020


an image of skunk cabbage emerging through leaves on the forest floor

Nature Notes Episode 1 – Skunk Cabbage March 23, 2020