Montour Preserve volunteers


Would you like to become more actively involved with the stewardship of the Montour Preserve?  If so, the Montour Area Recreation Commission (MARC) needs your help.  Whether your interest is in trail stewardship, gardening, visitor greeting, education or almost any other area, you can help keep the Preserve running smoothly.

MARC is looking for volunteers in the following key areas:

  1. TRAIL STEWARDS – Volunteers will ‘adopt’ a trail or a portion of a trail and visit on a somewhat regular basis to make sure the trail remains in good condition.  Trail stewards will do light pruning as needed, remove any small branches that have fallen onto the trail and pick up any trash they might find.  In the event a large limb or tree comes down across a trail or a larger problem is found, trail stewards will contact MARC staff to resolve the situation.
  2. GARDEN GUARDIANS – Volunteers will ‘adopt’ a garden or gardens and will care for them on a somewhat regular basis.  Light tasks like weeding and pruning will be done as needed.  MARC will provide mulch and other supplies on an as-needed basis.
  3. EDUCATORS/ENTERTAINERS – Volunteers are needed to provide educational and entertainment programming at the Montour Preserve.  MARC welcomes all those with interests that might be of interest to visitors to the Preserve.  Pennsylvania child abuse clearances will be required for any volunteers who might have direct contact with children during programs.
  4. LITTER CLEANUP – MARC would welcome the assistance of local groups willing to assist with litter cleanup or other community service tasks.
  5. ELECTRICAL / HVAC SPECIALISTS – MARC anticipates total annual electrical costs at the Montour Preserve to be approximately $20,000 – $25,000, primarily due to heating and lighting the Visitors’ Center/Environmental Education Center. MARC is seeking qualified individuals or organizations to assist with evaluating electrical usage at the Preserve and implementing alternative energy sources and/or electrical conservation measures.  Additionally, MARC anticipates significant expenses related to the maintenance of the five heat pumps serving the Visitors’ Center/Environmental Education Center. MARC is seeking qualified companies to evaluate existing units and recommend strategies for maintenance or replacement.
  6. EQUIPMENT NEEDED – MARC is in need of a utility trailer (flat bed or enclosed) capable of hauling tractors and loads of at least 5,000 lbs. The trailer must be at least 16ft long and 6ft wide (inside dimensions), with a drive-on tailgate or ramps. If used, the trailer must be in good working condition.

To learn more about any of these volunteer opportunities, please contact Bob Stoudt, MARC Director, at (570) 336-2060 or RStoudt@MontourRec.com.


All volunteers will be asked to complete and sign the MARC Park & Trail Stewardship Volunteer Acknowledgment and Release, available by clicking on the image below.

Acknowledgment and Release